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Hello, or good evening, good breaking receive my greetings 😅😅, instead of rotating around pot.

Today I will talk to you about two tools that I personally enjoyed. I say « personally », because it is not because I appreciate these two personality tools among the many they exist, that this will please you 😉.

I mean it’s these two tools that I will be most appropriate to explain, in the most fluid way. I can say that it is my favorite range.

Of course, there is a multitude of personality tools I have specified above, like Big Five, the compass test, the Qi test (intellectual quotient), and full of others that I do not know.

All of these personality tools have all a specific area. Man, being a complex being, his study can not be summarized in one field. No, no, no. So it is therefore logical, that he has many personal tools, which helps us achieve our self-knowledge. It is made man is being multiple facets, ourselves, can ignore them.

Rachid, we understood, come to the facts, what are these tools you want to talk to us?

So, these two tools, which I try to turn in round, for a moment 😅😅, are actually the MBTI and the enneagram.

Why do these two tools?

The reason I appreciate these two tools compared to others, is their complementarity. Indeed, the MBTI studies human behaviors, so how we interact with others. The ennoragam, she, studies our motivations that push us to interact with others.

I know you ask yourself, what is the MBTI? And what, the ennea …. What, what is this thing. So I would advise you to find time and I would say a time of time and there you are settled, because I will notice you, she will be very long.

Are you ready for you? So let’s start 😊

I- The MBTI, what is it?

According to Wikipedia, the Myers Briggs type Indicator, commonly known as the MBTI, is a psychological evaluation tool that determines the psychological type of a subject, among the sixteen different types.

This tool was created by two women or should I say a Du daughter mother, including Isabel Briggs Myers is the girl, Katherine Cook Briggs, the mother.

These two women have been based on Jung’s psychological work.

And you ask you that is Jung?

Carl Gustave Jung is a Swiss psychiatrist doctor born on July 26, 1875 in Kesswill and Death on June 6, 1961 at the age of 85 years.

He has devoted his life to clinical practice as well as the development of psychological theories, such as one of his works, psychological types, written in 1921 in which it defines several capital concepts of its theory: the introverts and the extravertes on the one hand, the four psychic functions of the other, the model resulting to eight possible psychological types.


So it’s thanks to the jobs of Jung that Isabel Briggs Myers and his mother inspired to create the MBTI, which has become a most famous and most popular tool. They are based on preferences that we have naturally.

These preferences are based on four (04) criteria of guidance. These preferences have a considerable influence on our way of acting and our behalf. We will see, later, that the ennoblem, instead of based on our behavior, it is based on our deep motivations, that is, what is at the origin of our behaviors.

So, as I said, the MBTI is based on preferences that myers have subdivided it on four (04) dimensions. These 4 dimensions that will be represented by letters, will constitute our type of MBTI personality.

1- Extraversion / Introversion

The first axis is to know our energy direction. An energy is comparable to a will that pushes us to continue the action we want to undertake. It is independent of physical fatigue. Which means we can be tired but have the will to continue our actions.

So then this energy can be turned inside, and perhaps turned outward. If you are extraverted, is your energy is turned outward. So your first letter will be affected by E letter. But if you prefer the intorose that means that your energy is turned inward and your first letter will be affected by the letter I.

Just as introversion, there is a lot of confusion and injury on the extraversion. It is thought that extraverting is a person sociable hyper, hate loneliness and introversion is to be reached in his house in his house between four walls. Let’s go to clarify that.

A- How can you to be an extravert? 😉

The extraversion is when our energy is turned outward. What does this mean? This means if you are an extraverter, your priority (which keeps you alive 😅😅) is knowing everything happening around you. You can prefer loneliness but it is that in your case you choose to be alone. It’s not like your intraverted friends where for them is a priority for them (their source of life 😅😅😅). So if you want to know if you are an extraverter you must see if your need for solitude is a constraint for you or you isolate by believing you protect yourself in this way. In all cases, it’s not natural at home, because you have a feeling of hon., A voice that tells you « Go, « rst not, staying in your room that your problem will be resolved ».

Another trait to know if you are an extravert is that everyone is aware of what you feel. It is usually for this reason that you feel obliged to get yourself to at least, keep a secret for yourself, because to be really sincere, you do not know anything from you until you are insulated.

You are also an extraverted if you are looking forward. This is one of the traits found in extroverts, their impulsiveness. For you, waiting to be really a fighter route 🥵🥵😅😅. You prefer to be in action because you think that will kill the time. Whether you will not feel likesting your time.

If you want to know more the extraversion, I would have a detailed article on this subject in the coming days 😊😊. Now let’s move to the introversion.

B- A such point Are you an introverted 🧐🧐?

The introversion is when the energy is turned inside. This is a little more complicated to identify for someone who is not an introvert, wholesale extrasaves. They will say: « How energy can be turned towards the inside !!! The energy is gaining by being with the others ». Hence the cliché that the introverts are weird beings, extraterrestrials. But that’s nothing all that is also your mode of operation. This is how this are you designed.

To explain how your energy can be turned inside, you, introverted, you need to keep your information for yourself. It is by keeping the information you have, you push to look for the kernel of the information you have. In other words, you are more able to look for the depth of your information collected from others and that’s what makes you feel alive. This is your priority, just as for the extravertis is to know everything that happens around them, for you will learn to be in harmony with yourself. Of course you can get up as if you were an extraverter, but be francs 😂😂, you will completely exhaust yourself as physically as mentally 😅😅😅.

So you like solitude because it is by being alone you can live in your world. Yes, your world, because it’s thanks to your information collected in the outside world that you can create your inner world using your values.

Another trait to know if you are an introvert is that you do a lot of research for enriching you. You like to deepen your search to find the kernel. Those where your extrasverted pots will give you without the least hesitation, because they do not want to listen to you, discern on the biography of Sigmund Freud 😂😂.

Here too, I would have a detailed article on Introversion 😉.

2- sensation vs intuition

The second axis is to know where you pull your information. This axis is to show you how you understand the world. It is a newsletter of a training. Also here too, there are two possible orientations: the sensation which is noted S and the intuition that is noted N. Obviously it is not because we prefer the feeling that we have absolutely not able to have intuition and vice versa.

How do you know if you prefer sensation (s) and intuition (n)?

You prefer the sensation if you prefer to be in a stable environment. You want to live life as it is, without looking to modify it. And it’s surely for this reason you hate the farfeline ideas of your intuitive compatriots (N). But that does not mean that you are not able to have farfelues ideas. Yes you can do it !!!! But it will not be a priority for you, just 😌😌. But if you are not like your sensitive colleagues, it is that you prefer intuition. You do not want to live in the present but in the future. These are people like you who already predict the end of the world just to frighten your sensitivity friends 😂😂. Good brief 🙄🙄, I come back.

If you prefer the feeling, you still enjoy, pressing the tradition, not violate what has already been done. You prefer to live in the present moment, because for you, it is much richer. And you plug the ears so as not to have to hear the intuitives you scream on it, saying that you are not ambitious. You also prefer to talk about concrete things, involving driving in the details. But you intuitives you, you prefer to see things in their compliment without looking for the details. We say, you are the intuitives you are idealistic. That means you are convinced seeing even padded, that your idea will be realized. So you push, the sensitivities to believe in your instinct that you can not explain but you put everything to the way to believe it.

So wholesale, if you are a sensitive, your second letter will be noted S. and if you are an intuitive, your second letter will be noted N.

I believe Intuitives, stop scared sensitive. As even the sensitivities, stop constantly bringing intuitive on earth, even if they are headed in the air 😅😅.

3– thinking and feeling.

This third axis allows you to know how you make your decisions. She allows you to know if are a « Thinker » or if you are a « Feeler ».

A- Are you seeing you as a logical person? 🧐🧐

If you consider you a god is a logical person is that you prefer to make decisions according to logical and lenter reasoning for you even or for others. In other words, you think your best decisions come from your analytical side and objective by being completely detached from your emotions. That means you’re not a heartless person, like the others remarrets you, is only your way to make you decide. It is therefore inconceivable for you to solve a problem by compassion because it has nothing logical and it is like a loss of time. And you do not want to admit it, you are very uncomfortable when you need, not that you are obliged to make a decision subjectively.

You also consider yourself as a pragmatic and competent person because you are not afraid to say what you think, even if it must hurt the sensitivity of others or they put you labels of the « Great Naughty wolf ». You are shaking. You are also an unambiguous player in the debates, as you arrive to make clear and logical reasoning that really apply. So why, be interested in your emotions while your logic easily plays the other.

So if you recognize in this description is that you are a thinker or thinker. So your third letter will be noted T.

B- You see as a sentimental person?

This profile is a little badly seen by sentimental men. Also they are more successfully inhabited women with a logical thought, as without hearts, we consider sentimental men as weak people.

So, gentlemen if you recognize yourself as a sentimental man, there is no shame. And in my opinion, I think it’s the third most easy-to-hate axis. You ask yourself why !!! Those who are sentiment, they will only talk about their feelings, what they really think. They first examined their emotions before making a decision. But those who have a logical thought, will only raise the morality of sentimental people because they are illogical 🤧🤧.

Gentlemen, Madams, if you want to know if you are sentiment, the first point that differentiates you to the logical people is that you will adversely admit your emotions because you have values. CAUTION This is not your emotions that you communicate but your values.

For example, you witness a rocket accident. At this time, you can be either sad or be anger, or hysteresis, everything depends on how you react in the first place. These resentment are actually emotions. Everyone even feels logical people. But the only difference that it is this way the way you will decide to solve this situation. So for a logical person, these feelings or emotions (anger, fear, sadness etc …), they will clear these emotions and ignore them because they have to know what really happened and see who is right or not. While sentimental people will already be ahead why they feel these emotions because these emotions they tell a story. So if that person begins to cry as soon as he sees the wounded victim, he will say, « Oh my God, these injuries must hurt him, I must help him. He is suffering. And these people who have blamed this victim, do not see that she already suffers 🤧🤧 ».

As the example I just quote, you, sentimental people, you are empathic. You evaluate the feelings of others as if it was you who live there. You envy the logical people for their insight and objectivity, but you, you feel greater than them because you can express your emotions without being embarrassed or to hinder others. And it’s usually you who treat the logical people of « without heart » 😅😅.

So if you consider as a person who has a good heart, you are a « Feeler ». So your third letter will be noted F.

4- Judging and Perception

And here is the last axis to discover your MBTI type. This axis is to find out if you prefer to have an action plan or if you prefer to improvise. In this case if you prefer to have an action plan, you have a preference for « the judgment » and your fourth letter will be noted J, or, if you prefer improvising, is that you have a preference for « perception ». So your last letter will be noted P.

To find out if you have a preference for judgment, you must know how you organize. If you have a time job (normally it’s you who create your time job) it is no longer worth seeking, your fourth letter is J for judgment. You do not like delay, nor the unforeseen. Especially the unforeseen, you can be stressed at an extreme level, just because nothing happened as you planned. That’s why you are obliged to anticipate it for not having unforeseen this kind.

But while your friends who have a preference for judgment enter in extremely stress periods just because they have an unforeseen, you are peaceful, without any stress. We can say that that’s what you expect. Unforeseen. The unforeseen umprove you and improper and be not a manner as your confreres 😅😅. But it is when your confreres force you to follow a time job. So there 😅😅, you are completely disordered, disoriented, put between four walls and never at the time 😂😂 and to finish you give up the border and put the people with a preference for the judgment in a black ball, that you will feel like they will be liked to be a balloon 😂😂. So in this case, do not think more, you are P 😂😂😂.

So, in conclusion, this is all of these letters that will constitute your MBTI type. For example, if you prefer the introversion (I), the sensation (s), thought (t) and judgment (J) it is that you are Istj to say simply. You see that it’s easier to retain ISTJ instead of introversion-sensation-judgment.

With these four letters, we find 16 possible combinations including 16 types of personalities.

  • ISFP
  • INTJ
  • ISTJ
  • ENFJ
  • INFP
  • ISFJ
  • ESTP
  • ISTP
  • ESTJ
  • ENTP
  • ENFP
  • ESFJ
  • ENTJ
  • INTP
  • INFJ
  • ESFP

NB: The MBTI is based solely on our behavior, how we actually do without being too reflected. She questions the question « How ». We will see another personality tool that arises the question « Why »

II- The enneagram

According to Wikipedia, the enneagram is originally an esoteric figure (the word was built with the Greek root ennea that means nine and gramma that means figure) old, that Georges Gurdjieff has introduced in the West in the early twentieth century.

Several versions have been supported with regard to the origins of the enneagram. But until nowadays, researchers still have not validated any of these versions, as the exact origin of the enneagram To believe that he is older than the MBTI.

Even if the origins still remain a mysteries, several researchers managed to understand how it is going to create a link with the MBTI.

To resume the definition (Wikipedia) of the word enneagram cities above, I can say, by studying this tool, you give a more modern explanation.

The enneagram is a personality tool, just like the MBTI, but the difference is that this tool is represented by symbols.

And what are these symbols?

The enneagram is consisting of:

  • Numbers that are noted from 1 to 9 by counting the needle of a watch.
  • A circle
  • Of an equilateral triangle inscribed in the circle. The first summit, located at the top of the circle, corresponds to the figure 9. The second and third summit located respectively at the bottom of the first summit, from the right to the left. Always counting in the direction of a watch needle, you will find that the second top of the right-bottom top and the bottom of the first summit corresponds to the number 3 and the number 6 corresponds to the third top at the left and down the first summit.

Equilateral triangle (3, 6, 9)

In addition to these symbols, there is a hexagon that we find in the enneagram. This hexagon is actually the other figures of the enneagram that are not disposedly dressed. The other figures, I say the numbers 1, 4, 2, 8, 5, 7 are placed in this hexagon.

Hexagon (1, 4, 2, 8, 5, 7)

The order of the numbers (1, 4, 2, 8, 5 and 7) is based on the development of the periodic fraction 1/7. Basically, the result of the division by 7 will give the 1-4-2-8-5-7-1 sequence to infinity. For example 1/7 = 0.1428571428571 …

Those who do not like mathematical calculations like me, 😅😅😅, reassure you, it’s not that only who makes the enjoogram. It’s just the structure of the ennoagram, how it is made up.

With many research, these nine figures were represented by nine personality profiles. But before doing the description of these nine personality types, we will make a lexicon of some important terms that will allow you to better understand the profiles of the enneagram called enneagram type.

The 3 centers

Just like the symbols that constitute the enneagram, the centers remain a key element to determine its enneagram type. Indeed, these profiles are categorized in 3 groups. These groups represents what is a human being is to say its mental side, its emotional side and its instinctive side. So these 3 groups are called the centers. Knowing that these 3 groups are a representation of the human (mental, emotional and instinctive), we can conclude that they are these centers respectively called the mental center, the emotional center and the Instinctive Center.

I would give a detailed article explaining the centers because I think it is very complex to be summarized in this article that is clearly long. But if desire you prevents you from waiting for the editor of this article I put you a link below for you to have a little idea about that.


The wings

The enneagram is a tool for finding your enneagram type and how this type evolves in you. So that is, as you become more healthy you adopt the operation of other types. The goal, in reality, is to achieve the 9 types. This is where the wings come into play.

So, like the bird where the wings are attached to him on both sides, it has the same with the enneagram type. Imagine that you are type 1 and on the other hand and another there is 9 and the 2. We will note that the types 9 and 2 are neighbors at type 1. then these types 9 and 2 are called the wings as they are neighboring 1.

It is thanks to the wings, that you might have the impression of belonging to another type. But be careful, it is different from the integration and disintegration that we will see just after that. In this case, it is us who wanted to belong to another type. While with the wings, we naturally feel like I’m belonging to another type.

The wings do not develop any, at the same time. It is first a wing that will develop earlier and it is she who will be stronger than the other wing. This is not the case for the bird where he needs these two wings to fly 😅😅. This first wing is called the upper wing. It will be stronger than the other wing (which will develop in mid-life) but will never be stronger than the main type. The role of the wings is only to influence the main type but not to replace it. So for example, you are type 1, and for some reason this is type 2 that develops earlier and faster than that of type 9. It is not because the wing type of technology has developed faster than the 9. This means that your main type tends to differently to behave like a nominant. 2. So your type will be waking 1w2. The W wants to mean Wing in English to abbreviate.

Integration and disintegration

Unlike the wings where we do not feel guilty of being another type (it is rather exciting 😉😉), this is not the case with integration or disintegration. But first I will define these concepts.

Integration is when we are getting to acquire the positive aspects of another type on our main type. When a person is able to acquire the positive aspects of another type, it is said that he integrates. Here’s how new types are integrated:

  • Type 1 integrates into 7
  • Type 2 integrates into 4
  • Type 3 integrates into 6
  • Type 4 integrates into 1
  • Type 5 integrates into 8
  • Type 6 integrates into 9
  • Type 7 integrates into 5
  • Type 8 integrates into 2
  • Type 9 integrates into 3

Integration begins when we recognize our defects. This is not easy to recognize it, but rejoice yourself is the adhesion taf of showing you the defects 😎😎.

Disintegration occurs in stress period, when our selfof, shows us the worst version of us. In this case when we are in intense stress, we adopt the wrong side or the negative aspects of another type. When a person adopts the negative aspects, it is said that he is disintegrating. Here’s how new types are disbels are:

  • Type 1 disintegrates into 4
  • Type 2 disintegrates into 8
  • Type 3 disintegrates into 9
  • Type 4 disintegrates into 2
  • Type 5 disintegrates into 7
  • Type 6 disintegrates into 3
  • Type 7 disintegrates into 1
  • Type 8 disintegrates into 5
  • Type 9 disintegrates into 6

Afterwards, there is a sense of integration / disintegration different from that of the sense mentioned above. This sense of integration / disintegration previously cited is the meaning of the alpha variant, which is the normal meaning of integration / disintegration.

But the complexity of human being false a little the real meaning of integration and disintegration. For some there is another variant called the mu variant. Other claims that a person may be integrated and disintegrate into both directions at a time. As if you are type 1, you can integrate yourself at both type 4 but also at type 7. Here’s how to integrate them at once

  • The type 1 integrates into 4 and disintegrates into 7
  • The type 2 integrates into 8 and disintegrates into 4
  • The type 3 integrates into 9 and disintegrates into 6
  • The type 4 integrates into 2 and disintegrates into 1
  • The type 5 integrates into 7 and disintegrates into 8
  • The type 6 integrates into 3 and disintegrates into 9
  • The type 7 integrates into 1 and disintegrates into 5
  • The type 8 integrates into 5 and disintegrates into 2
  • The type 9 integrates into 6 and disintegrates into 3

Voici une image illustrant les ailes, les intégrations et les désintégrations de chaque type énneagramme.

The Subtypes

Here is another variant that comes to complicate the understanding of the ennoblemard and above all, shows us that we will never endure to study the human being.

After finding its type, its center, its corresponding wings and its sense of integration / disintegration, there are the sub-types that you have to know. This is known to know our instinct dominant among the three (03) that exist, and to find it is not just as simple as finding its enneagram type. There are three (03), as I said before. It is:

  • The preservation instinct
  • The sexual instinct
  • The social instinct

I would see an article where I would explain how these three (03) instincts consists of very soon.

The 9 types of enneagram

I prescribe you, finding its enneagram type is not as easy as the MBTI. Certainly, we can maltyped me that it is the MBTI but also the enneagram. But the reason that I say that the enneagram is more difficult when we want to try, is that, we must recognize our deepest fear, because the new types are based mainly on nine fears found in humans. But also, you must also, recognize what you are trying to avoid, so-called compulsion. In addition to knowing his deepest fear and compulsion, you must know your desire, ie what you are trying to show with passion to others. The goal of the enneagram is to resolve the fears, the compulsions and the desires associated with each type, to acquire the virtues that each type has. But I always warn you that it will not be easy 😅😅, but it’s not impossible.

On those, I would not do the description of each type in this article but I will write an article on each of the new profiles. But in this article, I will only tell you the deepest fear, the compulsion (which avoids) and the virtue of each type.

  • Type 1 is called the perfectionist. His deepest fear is to make mistakes. His compulsion is anger. When type 1 learns from his mistakes, he acquires patience as virtue.
  • Type 2 is usually called altruistic. His deepest fear is no longer able to help. Its compulsion is pride. When type 2 is becoming aware of his wrong, he acquires humility as virtue.
  • Type 3 is called the beating. His deepest fear is to see him like a loser. His compulsion is the lie. When type 3 is aware of his wrong, he acquires as virtue, the truth.
  • Type 4 is called the tragico-romantic or individualistic. His deepest fear is to be rejected. His compulsion is envy. When type 4 learns from his errors, he acquires the vigor harmony.
  • Type 5 is called the observer. His compulsion is the Aarice. When type 5 feels good in his skin, he gets like virtue, the disinterestedness.
  • Type 6 is called the loyalist. His deepest fear is to be insecurity. His compulsion is fear. When type 6 develops it develops virtues as courage.
  • Type 7 is called optimistic. His deepest fear is to suffer. Its compulsion is the greed. When type 7 feels good, it will have the virtue of the temperate.
  • Type 8 is called the chef. His deepest fear is to take for a small. Its compulsion is excess (or lust). When type 8 integrates, it acquires virtues as simplicity.
  • Type 9 is called the mediator. He is afraid to live in a hostile environment. Its compulsion is the parameter but he can acquire the virtues as the activity by developing itself.

In conclusion

The MBTI and the enneagram are two tools that complement perfectly. Where the MBTI studies our attitude, our behavior, the enneagram takes care of our personal injuries (which caused since childhood), but also the origin of our attitude and or our behavior towards others.

I hope this time is a gratifying for you. In those, I’m saying goodbye and go to a near article.

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